Casual, flexible, and cool. Order custom trucker hats in different styles, and colors, with your own custom designs.

Pick A Custom Trucker Hat

CAMO Trucker Hats

Enjoy the outdoors with the Camo Trucker hat. 12+ QuickTurn™ colorways or Private Label options available.


The snapback trucker cap is a firm favourite with the younger crowd. 24+ QuickTurn™ colorways. 

Flexfit Trucker Hats

The flexfit style. Mix and match colors to make your caps stand out. 24+ QuickTurn™ colors available.

New Era A Frame Trucker Hats

A modern twist to the traditional camo trucker hats. 24+ QuickTurn™ colors available.

Performance Trucker Hats

The performance trucker cap is a good all-rounder. With moisture wicking fabric, these are perfect for athletic wear. 36+ QuickTurn™ options available.


Get back to basics with this retro trucker hat. 30+ QuickTurn™ options available.

CUSTOM Trucker Hats

Choose the style of hat you want and customize it to your specifications. We’ll help with every stage of the order. We’ll provide feedback on your design, source your hats, embellish with high quality embroidery and deliver them to your door. 



Our QUICKTURN™ program is perfect for smaller batch orders. We will help you find the perfect trucker cap from our huge collection and work with you to optimize your design. When you’re happy with the result, our embroiders will add your artwork straight onto the hats. With lightning fast turnarounds of as low as a week, you’ll have your branded merch in no time.

IMPORT cut-n-sew

The cut-n-sew program is suited for clients with large order volumes or with design requirements that fall outside of the QuickTurn program. With cut-n-sew orders, you have complete control of the design, and options such as private labelling are all possible. Cut-n-sew projects start at a 72 hat minimum order size and the average turnaround is 4-5 weeks. 

Private Label Trucker Caps

Need branded gear for your business or an event? Want products to sell through your e-Commerce store?

We deliver high quality private label trucker hats. The way we work is straightforward.

Just click on the button below and fill in the form. It takes less than a minute to complete. All we need is the hat style, quantity, and artwork. We’ll send you a virtual mockup along with the no-obligation quote.

QuickTurn™ Domestic Embroidery

Your hats will be embroidered for free by our team at our facility in the USA. Provide your company logo or custom design. We’ll add a 3D embroidered patch or 3D puff raised embroidery to your hats. We guarantee your design will look great.

Through our QuickTurn™ program you also get a fast 10–14 day turnaround time. We’ll arrange the shipping and deliver your hats to your door.

The Acme 4-Step Process


Send over your designs and ideas to receive your free no-obligation quote.


We’ll send you your free mock-up so you can make sure it’s perfect.


Send us the thumbs up and payment so we can get right to work for you.


That’s it, see your design come to life right in your hands! Pretty sweet right?

Speak to One of Our Friendly Representatives

Click the button below, and fill in the submission form to make an inquiry. We respond to inquiries within one working day.

A Few Examples From Happy Customers

“Mark along with the entire Acme Hat Co crew have been a pleasure to work with on our projects. They guided us through every bit of the customization process and have exceeded all our expectations not only in price, quality, but also customer service. Level up your brand with Acme Hat Co today. “

Joe Nguyen, Pour Decisions Taproom


What are your minimum order quantities?

For private label cut-n-sew orders the MOQ is 72 hats per color/style/design. With QuickTurn hats we can do as low as 6 per color/style/design depending on the blank sourced.

How long is the turnaround time?

Turnaround time for the QuickTurn program is as low as 7 days. Standard turnaround is 14 days. Private Label Hats take 4–5 weeks to produce.

What file formats are best to send?

Most apparel design is done in Adobe Illustrator. If you’re working with a designer, please ask them to supply the source art.

Do you ship to…

We ship worldwide!

Can you rush my order?

Where possible we’ll do our best to accomodate any rush orders no extra charge.

The trucker hat is an adaptation of the baseball hat. Instead of the classic design featuring a 6 panel cap, the trucker cap tends to come with 5 panels due to the large panel at the front of the cap.

This large front panel makes the hat the perfect apparel item for

It is a great cap for outdoor use, as it comes with a mesh back for increased airflow around the top and a snapback closure for a closer fit.

The hat was popularized by hip hop musicians, who often wore caps by New Era and Nike, and celebrities who favoured the embroidered mesh back caps by Von Dutch.

Trucker hats come in a variety of shapes, colors and brands.

Embroidered trucker hats usually feature a logo that is created from cotton embroidery on the front panel. This panel is so large that it provides the perfect site for a large embroidered logo, unlike other hats, like a baseball cap, which can have very limited space for a custom logo.

Most will feature a snapback closure and mesh back, to adjust

The mesh back on trucker caps has been added for both style and comfort. Mesh is a lightweight and durable material that allows airflow to circulate around the top. This can act like a filter for heat building up.

Mesh can come in a variety of colors to match the overall look of the hats or brands.

The original baseball caps did not come with a mesh back, and were worn low on top. This creates a sort of relief from the heat and stops unsightly sweat dripping down into the shirt.

There are many companies offering custom caps in a variety of colors online. But Acme Hats is one of the top companies in this sector. You can sort us from the rest as we regularly get repeat orders for our custom trucker hats. And this is because of our bold colors, affordable shipping and great customer service.

Ordering a cap through Acme is easy. Simply upload your logo or design and let us know exactly how many hats you want, or a minimum quantity to get started. We’ll then create a mockup of what the cap will look like with full colors, so you can review the final design.

Then we’ll check your order to make sure everything is ready for the manufacturing process. And will send you an estimate of the total price for you to review. There’s no rush in making a decision before we get to the shipping process, and we can go back to any of the stages if you feel something isn’t right. Our aim is to make you happy with the best possible products we can make. We want them to come out in crystal clear detail and bold colors, and in overall tip top condition.

Once everything is in place and you’re happy with your order, we’ll help you pick the best shipping option for your business needs. This can include domestic and international shipping, depending on what you need.

For more information, give us a call or click on the button above (preferable). We reply to all email enquiries within one working day.

The most popular brands of trucker hats are New Era, FlexFit, Richardson, Carhartt and Yupoong.

They make their brands attractive through a good use of colors, original looks and a top reputation for customer service.

Many of these trucker hat brands became popular through youth and music subcultures back in the 80s and 90s, but the market is still wide open for new brands. Trucker hats are constantly being reinvented by brands for a new generation of customers, as the large front panel is perfect for unique products. It can be printed or embroidered on in a variety of color options, whilst still retaining the classic look with the mesh back and snapback closure.

Customers are often drawn to the apparel and accessories of these well known brands as they have high quality materials, low pricing and free shipping.

For example, New Era use their FlexFit technology to create a great fitting trucker cap. FlexFit is an icon in the headwear and accessories market, as they always try to improve on the fit of their products. Their new hats always come up top with customers, which is a sign that it’s one of the brands you should be watching.

Whilst other brands of trucker cap, like Richardson, are known for high quality materials, like cotton and wool. This makes Richardson perfect for creating a custom trucker cap, as the sturdy cotton allows the cap to retain its shape during the manufacturing process. A Richardson cap is great for embroidery, as the stiff cotton can hold larger and heavier embroidered logos.

It’s best to do an internet search and some research on the brands that are available, so you can learn as much as you can about the pros and cons of the cap you want.

The cost of your custom order will depend on the order volume, the design, the materials and the products being used. Naturally, the larger the order size the lower the unit cost, so you may want to think about what your minimum order should be for a good ROI.

Asking about a minimum order, or a range of minimum orders across different products, could give you a better insight into your return.

There are many checks included for free to ensure your products are perfect when they reach you. We review your artwork when it is uploaded online, and you can review your order before it is dispatched. This makes the potential for mistakes extremely low and

Get in touch for a free personalized quote for your accessories. We’ll provide you with a mockup of your design, discuss the turnaround time, and provide transparent costing.